Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Focus Group

Me and Nancy have created a joint Facebook group, where we will post questions and ask for feedback from our focus group. We added a total of 33 people to the group as we think that these people fit in with our target audience.
The first thing we posted on the page was a link to the song we are using for our music video and we asked people to comment on what the song made them visualise:

Monday, 26 November 2012

Fonts For Production

I used a website called DaFont to find a font to use for my Advert and Digipak. There were thousands of fonts to choose from so i had to narrow it down to just sans-serif fonts. These are some of the fonts that i considered using:

Friday, 23 November 2012

Location Ideas

Here is a short list of a few locations that we are considering filming at, this list is not definite but we have tried to pin down some specifics to make our idea easier to picture.
Myself and Nancy have also decided that we are going to make use of the 'green screen' facilities we have at college to film a few of our scenes.

 A small block of flats with a gritty feel    >>>

An aesthetically 'normal' looking suburban house >>>

 Neutral office setting  (possible green screen) >>>

A supermarket aisle (possible use of green screen)>>>>

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Music Video - Genre Research

Four Tet - Hands
Four Tet is a band that is closely related to Caribou and are classified in a similar genre. Although this video is very abstract and the majority of the effects are difficult to replicate, i do find the use of soft focus and vivid dream-like colours inspiring. I would like try and utilise these effects in our own music video.

Gold Panda - Marriage
Gold Panda are also a band from a similar genre. In the video i like the way that the focal point is a chinese lantern and there is one in every single shot. We could interpret this idea as our own because we were already thinking of using a balloon as a prop in our own music video. Also i like the way that unorthodox camera angles are used and the way that the director has explored with the depth of field (focus).

Pictures for Advert and Digipak

For my Advert and Digipak i have planned to use 3 simple photos and explore the ways of editing them in photoshop to create strange effects.

Originally i was against the idea of using any trees or leaves in my production but i've decided that im going to try and play around with the transparency and layer it over some other images to try and create a deeper effect.

Pitch Feedback

Me and Nancy received feedback from our pitch. Our media teacher discussed our pitch with us one on one. The majority of the feedback we received was positive and our media teacher seemed impressed with our pitch. He also gave us some constructive criticism;

- We need to think about our suitability and who the music video would be targeted at in more detail.

- We discussed some ideas with our teacher about how to edit the video and create some interesting effects.

- We need to be careful with our mise en scene as it could look cliche when portraying rich and poor, we need to be more symbolic rather than literal.

- We need to make use of reflectors when filming in little/no light.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Casting Meeting

Me and Nancy held a cast meeting today with our main character candidates. We had conversations about how enthusiastic they were about acting in our music video, how available they were for filming and if they had any reservations about acting.

After the meeting me and Nancy spoke at length about who we should pick for our lead roles and came to the decision that we would use Jordan and India for our male and female lead roles. 

We came to this decision because they both have 'striking' appearances and we thought that this could give our music video something extra. 

They also fit in with our video because both of our lead characters are supposed to 'stand out' and look unique. 
We are confident that they will be professional and reliable when filming.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Other Casting

Although we have already listed and discussed our options for our lead roles. We now realise that we will need other people to play more minor roles in our production. 

We have discussed who will be our most likely candidates for our minor roles and they have all agreed to be in the video at some point. These are the people we have chosen:
- Grace Simpson
- Mollie Grizzell
- Leila Arrazi
- Ellie Morley
- Martin Welsby
- Gavin Murphy
- Rob Wootton

This list is not definite and it is likely that more people will be added but these are the people that first came to mind. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Casting Options

India Rafiqi
A possible candidate for our role of lead female is India. We are considering using India for our lead role because she has a very striking and unique appearance for example, her look is very urban and modern which fits in with the conceptual ideas we have for our video. At the moment we are unsure how comfortable/confident she would be playing the lead role but we think that with some persuasion and meetings she would be great for the role

Billy Francis
Billy is a possible candidate for our male lead role. Coming from a performing/acting background billy would be an ideal choice for our video and we are confident that he would be able to play the role convincingly. He would also be ideal for our lip syncing scenes as he would give it his all.

Holly Lyall
Another possible candidate for our female lead role is Holly. We are considering Holly because we think she embodies our genre of music and the idea we have for our video. Holly is reliable and organised and would have no problem arranging filming times with us.

Jordan Blackwell
Jordan is another option for our lead male role. He (similar to India) has a striking appearance which would give our video an edge. He also lives close to some of the locations we are considering filming at which would make it easier to organise filming at short notice.